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How well do you know WOMEN??   Be sure to keep track of how many answers  you know, so you can get some advice at the end!!

The Rules! 

1.  No cheating.
2.  No asking members of the opposite sex for the answers!

How well do you know WOMEN??

1.  What sort of water should you use in an iron?

2.  What’s another name for aubergine?

3.  What would you use the product “Nair” for?

4.  If you are using the product “Shout ” what are you doing?

5.  What is a woman’s sixth sense?

6.  Who is the host of the long running “ Price is Right?”

7.  Rhinoplasty is the surgical alteration of what body part?

8.  What is Chanels’ most famous perfume?

9.  Should you use hot or cold water when making a pie crust?

10.  What do women often refer to as their crow’s feet?

11.  What do you call veins, usually in your legs that have knotted and        swollen?

12.  What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?

13.  What’s a scrunchie?

14.  Who was the only husband that Elizabeth Taylor didn’t divorce?

15.  What do you call a small, flat case containing a mirror and face              powder?

16.  How many weeks on average does a normal pregnancy last?

17.  What precious stone represents the 60th wedding anniversary?

18.  Hot flashes are common symptom of which medical condition                effecting women usually between the ages of 45 and 50?

19.  Which toy company makes Barbie Dolls?

20.  In the ribbon event in rhythmic gymnastics, what must the ribbon          never do?

           How did you do?  Click here for some advice.

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