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How well do you know MEN??   Be sure to keep track of how many answers  you know, so you can get some advice at the end!!

The Rules! 

1.  No cheating.
2.  No asking members of the opposite sex for the answers.

How well do you know MEN??

1.  What is Rambo’s first name?

2.  What former Pittsburgh Steeler, now in the hall of fame, starred in a famous Coca-Cola commercial?

3. What is the top selling motor oil in America?

4.  What cap shouldn’t you open if the engine is boiling?

5.  Where in your body is your quadriceps?

6.  How many fingers are used in the Boy Scouts of America salute?
7.  Where would you wear a cravat?

8.  What planet is Spock from?

9.  In major league baseball, what is the ‘perfect game?”

10. What is a woofer?

11.  What does an odometer do?

12.  Which fuel pump has the thinner nozzle,  - leaded or unleaded?

13.  Name the Three Stooges.

14.  “Sparky” is a slang term for a worker in which profession?

15.  Which direction do you screw in a light bulb - clockwise or                      counter-clockwise?

16.  What is a cornice?

17.  What are the dimensions of a 2 X 4?

18.  Who hold the NFL record for the most touchdowns scored in a              career?

19.  What was the name of the car in the TV series Knight Rider?

20.  Do cars that get above average gas mileage generally have more or less cylinders than cars that get poor gas mileage?

                 How did you do?  Click here for some advice.

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