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Angagrams are a form of wordplay that have been around as long as people have been writing down the language.  

The idea  is to rearrange the letters of a word or phrase to form a new one.     

But that's just  the easy part.  What's more remarkable is when the new phrase describes the original in one way or another.  Like these historical examples.

Give it a try.  See how you do.  Have fun! 

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1.   The Mona Lisa          
2.  Tower of London                       
3.   Dante Gabriel Rossetti                 
4.  Nicholas The Second Czar of Russia                         
5.  Catherine De Medici                       
6.  The Versaillies Peace Conference                       
7.  Roosevelt's Rough Riders                       
8.  Disraeli                                                     
9.  Venetian Gondoliers               
10.  The Leaning Tower of Pisa                       
11.  Pershing's American Army                    
12.   Florence Nightingale                   
13.  England's Queen Victoria                        
14.  French Revolution                
15.  President Charles De Gaulle  


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