We make fun of them and we tease, but do you know what a maniac is? It*s some one who is obsessed with something. Here are some that you might want to know.

Kleptomaniac - Obsessed with stealing

Catopedamaniac - jumping from high places

Ichthyomaniac - fish Current specials here

Erythromaniac - blushing

Titillomaniac - scratching

Arithomaniac - counting

Philopatridomaniac - homesickness

Bruxomaniac - grinding teeth
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Cresomaniac - personal wealth

Ablutomaniac - bathing

Oniomaniac - buying

Pyromaniac - fire

Ailuromaniac - cats

Nudomanic - nudity

Cynomaniac - dogs

Dromomaniac - traveling

Onychotillomaniac - picking nails

Phagomaniac - food


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